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Spain is a model in tourism. But our brand-new second place in world rankings maintains an image of sun, sand, flamenco and bullfighting. Ingredients not related to the rich heritage of Galicia.

But there is a potential use of the heritage, which management -if carried in a sustainable way- is compatible and useful for its preservation and maintainance. That is the reason why we should use it correctly.

The ways to Santiago -recently known as brand ambassadors of Spain- show that if we promote correctly the Camino, the care and respect of the environment and the businesses linked to the pilgrimage are necessarily implied. A good management has a positive impact on rural areas, generating economic dynamism and reinforcing the creation of jobs. Because tourism is a strategic sector in the generation of employment and wealth. Therefore, the social internalization of the importance of heritage is a key element in the success of the tourism industry, and consequently the best strategy to protect and maintain it.

Tesouros de Galicia proposes a model that seeks social involvement. Individuals, associations, and public and private entities are welcome to joint our project to promote the value and potential of heritage.

The constraints of public budgets and the definition of heritage as something that belongs to everyone, invites us to imitate countries featured for their sustainable tourism models and quality, beneficial to rural settings, and have proved their ability to create employment and wealth among local populations, even achieving diffusion, respect and self-esteem of local cultures.

That’s why Tesouros de Galicia is a member of the international network of the National Trust, and the Global Patnership for Sustainable Tourism (United Nations Environmental Plan), that move millions of people interested in promoting different and unique tourist destinations around the world .

The English Way is an opportunity to do out exemplary work, and we will do with them. You are invited to participate. It’s up to you.

These contents are within the framework of the project to promote English Way, promoted by Tesouros of Galicia and cofinanced by the Provincial Council of A Coruña.

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