Tesouros de Galicia participates in international networks and projects in compliance with the following statutory objectives:

  • The international cultural exchange, either through cultural, sports, educational activities or projects shared with foreign entities.
  • The creation of strategic networks with people, entities and territories with convergent interests.
  • The interaction of cooperation and development programs with EU and extra-EU countries

These are the networks and projects in which we participate:


ONE PLANET NETWORK is an initiative of the United Nations Environment Program founded after the 2012 World Summit on Sustainable Development.

The program responds to the global commitment of a global change towards sustainable production and consumption.

The global project is divided into six thematic programs: Public Administration, Buildings and Construction, Tourism, Food, Consumer Information, Lifestyles and Education.

Tesouros de Galicia participates in the program promoting sustainable tourism through the promotion of heritage.

-> Visitar One Planet Network



INTO is an international network of non-governmental organizations with different profiles but united around the commitment to work to preserve and promote heritage, sharing the best conservation practices, and training of individual organizations.

The network brings together more than 60 entities from around the world: -> See members

-> Visit INTO


3.- ERASMUS+ Program

We are member of the ERASMUS + program for the promotion of international volunteering.

See more information in the Volunteering section



Tesouros de Galicia has collaborated with the World Bank, handing over human resources to the project of the Republic of Georgia, which aims to develop the natural and thermal resources of the Imereti region, as an axis for boosting the tourism sector.

-> Find out more


Tesouros de Galicia developed the environmental program for the Foundation for UNESCO to raise awareness about the responsible use and consumption of water in China. With this program, more than 300,000 school children were trained in collaboration with the NGO THIRST.

-> Learn more

6.- Iberoamerican cultural heritage network / REDIPAC

The IBEROAMERICAN CULTURAL HERITAGE NETWORK (REDIPAC), is an initiative by the Spanish Association of Cultural Heritage Managers with sponsorship from the Spanish Cultural Ministry, whose objective is to include academic, institutional, public and private professional bodies dedicated to the promotion, management, conservation, diffusion, creation and enhancement of the Cultural Heritage throughout the iberoamerican area.

REDIPAC interprets Cultural Heritage as an economic resource and a common heritage for all humanity. This tendency to consider Cultural Heritage as a supranational responsibility becomes even more evident in the field of iberoamerican countries, which have common historical and linguistic ties.

The purpose of this Network is to become a meeting point for the debate and study of the problem caused by Cultural Heritage in the countries involved, as well as for the exchange of experiences and solutions, to facilitate access and the channeling of international cooperation and to serve as a link between the European Union and the iberoamerican countries.

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