TESOUROS DE GALICIA is an entity registered in the Central Registry of Associations corresponding to the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and Justice of the Xunta de Galicia, numbered 2012/016439 of section 1, CIF G-94065000 and in the Register of Action Volunteer of Galicia of the Department of Work and Welfare of the Xunta de Galicia with the number O-665.


We are an entity of Voluntary Action

And we are registered as a youth volunteer entity. Tesouros de Galicia is an organization of an associative nature, institutionally separated from the Administration (NGO / Non-Governmental Organization), which is not owned by any company. It is therefore an autonomous organization, which controls its own activities by reporting to official records. In addition, the entity does not have a profit motive, that is, it does not generate or distribute benefits for its partners or managers. The association is registered as a Volunteer Action Entity because it counts and encourages the participation of volunteers as a strategy for the promotion of heritage appreciation.


We are an entity of Youth Volunteering

Tesouros de Galicia is registered within the Youth Volunteering Service Program of the Xunta de Galicia, offering the possibility of incorporating minors into those volunteer programs within the scope of the minors’ competences.


ERASMUS + program

We are one of the members of the ERASMUS + program for the promotion of international volunteering. Tesouros de Galicia is a host body, sending organisation and coordinator of the European Voluntary Service. This accreditation allows us to participate in the Erasmus + program, from which we will share opportunities for young people under age 30.



Corporative volunteering

In addition to supporting a social objective, corporate volunteering fulfills a dual objective for the company: improving the reputation of a company, and increasing the pride of belonging of the employeeand sharing values and commitments.

The Law of Volunteering (45/2015) explains in Article 21. “Of the promotion of volunteering from companies”, that companies can promote and participate in volunteer programs as long as the actions they perform can be classified as of general interest, by incorporating workers who decide to participate freely and voluntarily as volunteers in programs promoted by volunteer organizations in collaboration with the company.

If you want to develop a Corporate Volunteer Program in your company, get in contact with us and we will share our experiences. Surely we can propose something interesting.

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