4 Steps to Organize Your Small Storage UnitsGeneral 

4 Steps to Organize Your Small Storage Units

If you’re renting self storage units in Dubai, the first step is to plan out the layout. Consider which boxes you use frequently, and place these in the front. Move items you don’t need as often to the back and sides of the unit. You may want to create aisles to make it easier to find specific items. When arranging your storage unit, it’s good to buy similar-sized boxes.

Group similar items:

Lastly, organize your storage units by grouping similar items. This way, it’s easier to locate specific items. Whether you’re storing a bicycle or a sewing kit, make a list of everything in your storage. Next, arrange items by grouping by type. By grouping similar objects together, you can make it easier to move them from one part of the unit to another.

Label every box:

Before organizing your storage, it’s important to label every box. Put the box number on it and the room it came from. Include the contents of the box and any special markings. Using paper, record a detailed description of each item. The more detailed and organized your boxes are, the easier it will be to organize them.

Create a master contents list:

To begin organizing your storage, create a master contents list. This inventory of everything inside the storage unit is an invaluable reference document. It’s best to create this list on a computer or your phone and post it inside the unit. You should also post the master content list inside the unit, so you’ll have a handy reference document at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Group items by type or color:

Organize your small storage units by grouping them. You can group items by type or by color. This will make it easier to find specific items. Once you have identified the items, create a map or inventory. If you don’t know the colors of your storage units, use a corresponding color to identify them. It’s also easier to organize smaller storage units by size. If you follow these tips, you can organize your belongings more effectively. It will also help you find the right items on time.

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