How to set up kitchen in self storageGeneral 

How to set up kitchen in self storage

It is itself a struggle to live in self storage space because you do not have any separate space for each thing. You have one space just. You don’t have separate kitchen you have to keep kitchen stuff in that room to make your own kitchen. 

To make a kitchen in self-storage, you need table to place things, microwave in which you can cook food, a small blender and such food which do not need coldness of fridge. Hence, it means you can keep milk, fruits, eggs, breads and cheese. You can even keep cereal and tea as well.

Thus you can cook and make lots of food by using these two machines. Read below what you can make:

Mac n Cheese pasta: You can prepare Mac n cheese pasta in mug by using microwave. All you have to do is to boil pasta in mug through microwave then add milk and lots of cheese in the boiled pasta and place the mug in microwave for two to three minutes. This is how it will get ready. You can have it with drink or any beverage.

Sandwiches: If you are a sandwich person, then put cheese and raw veg between the two breads and microwave them for a minute. The cheese will join them and give you warm food to eat within a minute. 

Smoothies and shakes: Blender can give you healthy beverages. To make smoothie, add chopped favorite fruit with banana in the blender and blend them until you get thick paste. Meanwhile, you have to add fruits with milk and curd to make shakes.

Besides them, you can have cereal, nutella bread and coffees too. You can even prepare mug omelette. All you have to do is to pour egg with spices in mug and microwave it. You can even make noodles too. All you have to put them in bowl with water and microwave it. Furthermore, you have option to make mug cake and mug pizzas as well. You would need any blender and beater to make them. 

So,  these are basic food which you can prepare in your self storage space easily. Hope they will fill your tummy and let you have sound sleep. Food is important. Therefore, feed yourself and take care of yours the most. These houses do not have space for furniture storage in Dubai but kitchen is must so read more here at on how to set up your own kitchen there.

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